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Play one of people’s favorite games while stimulating your mind with envigorating colors and refreshing designs by Lisa Masterson.  avalisa has created a new memory game (also known as the ‘concentration game’) featuring the designs from its popular wall art.  Nineteen captiviating images from their beloved “animals collection” are featured on the cards.

About the size of a deck of cards, the game is made to be extremely portable -- everything from its compact size to its sleek design makes it easy to take on long trips in the car, on plane rides and just about anywhere.  And if you are traveling with kids, it’s the perfect way to help them pass the time with great design.  Kids can have the next coveted game to take to school for a quick game during recess, teachers can have it on hand for an interesting indoor activity and it’s great for commuters to pass the time on their way to work while traveling on the train or bus.  The game is also multi-functional with other games like “Go Fish” and “Old Maid” that can easily be played with the cards.  And with the holidays coming, it’s the PERFECT stocking stuffer and holiday gift.

The cards make a great learning tool for younger kids as well.  The bright colors make for a great teaching tool for learning colors early on.  The animal designs include their names spelled out so kids can also get a head start on learning to read and recognizing words with pictures.  The designs can also help inspire the inner artist and designer in any child or adult. 

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